This website offers solutions to all your drug testing concerns with our guaranteed products and up-to-date useful information. Here you will find our value packages. We will show you how to pass your next urine drug test. You will go to the lab with confidence and give them a clean urine sample GUARANTEED!

For Light Users
For individuals who have very low toxin levels and who are below 200lbs. Consists of a Detox Drink and two single panel drug tests.

$51.95 save $8


For Medium Users
For Users Under 200lbs. and/or for individuals with medum toxin levels. Consists of a Detox Drink, Pre-Tox caps and two single panel drug tests.

$66.95 save $12

Saliva Drug Test Package
For those undergoing a saliva drug test. Contains anything you might need to pass a saliva drug test no matter your weight or toxin level.

$55.95 save $12


Random Test Package
Not sure which test? Then this is perfect for you. Contains everything you might need to pass any drug test. Urine product only for users under 200lbs.

$119.95 save $8.00

For Heavy Users
For Users Over 200lbs. and/or users with very high toxin levels. Consists of a Detox Drink, Fast Flush Capsules, Pre-Tox Capsules and two urine tests.

$97.90 save $12


Drug Test Supersale
Contains 20 single panel drug tests of your choice. Can be purchased with different combinations of drug tests. Great Value!

$75.00 save 55% !




Warning: These products are not intended to be used on any lawfully administered drug test and can only be used in accordance with all federal and state laws.
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