Detox Drink ($44.00)

Detox Drink

Ultra Klean 1 Hour Liquid Formula is the ultimate carbohydrate-based liquid detox agent. Our extensive background, education and experience formulating and testing carbohydrate-based detoxifying agents has resulted in a product that is unsurpassed in both effectiveness and convenience. Our proprietary formula effectively cleans ALL TOXINS 1 - 5 hours after ingestion. And it is so easy to use! Just shake and drink. Refill with water 15 minutes later and drink. Over the next 45 minutes, urinate 2-3 times and your toxins will be completely removed for the next four hours. IF you are a heavy user or are over 200lbs then it is strongly recommended you supplement this drink with the Power Flush Detox Tea (product listing below this one).

Achieving Optimal Results
For optimal results, avoid all toxins and unnecessary medications 24-72 Hours prior to using Ultra Klean 1 Hour Liquid Formula. Many over-the-counter and prescription medications will produce false-positive test results! Drinking plenty of water the days prior to using Ultra Klean Detox Drink will help lower the body's toxicity level. Avoid alcohol within 24 hours of using this product, since alcohol dehydrates the body. If your body is dehydrated you will not be able to effectively flush toxins from your body.

Power Flush Detox Tea ($28.95)

Power Flush Detox Tea

Power Flush Detox Tea was created by a group of detox industry experts with decades of experience. This tea has a success rate of over 99%. Power Flush Detox Tea is made from the most effective herbs, historically proven to remove toxins from the body. Our herbs are of such impeccable quality and cleanliness that they have been certified "Kosher & Parve". You will not find a more effective cleansing tea anywhere at any price.

Drinking plenty of water the days prior to using the Power Flush Tea will help lower your toxicity level.

1. Prepare tea on an empty stomach.
2. Bring four quarts of water to a boil. Remove from heat.
3. Add all four tea bags to water. Let stand 10-15 minutes.
4. Remove tea bags.
5. Drink hot or cold, sweeten to taste.
6. Drink all four quarts of tea in a three hour period. Take the two Vitamin-B Complex Capsules and the two Creatine Capsules with the fourth quart of tea.
7. Urinate 2 or 3 times. Your urine will now be clean of toxins for up to 5 hours.

Daily Pretox Capsules ($20.00)

Daily Pretox Capsules

Daily Pretox is the indispensable helper assists with the detoxifying process and helps to clean your urinary system prior to a urine drug test. Daily Pretox capsules are designed to be used in conjunction with other Ultra Klean detox drinks or Quick Flush Capsules to aid in detoxification and should not be used alone to pass a drug test. Daily Pretox cleansing capsules are formulated for daily use and are gentle yet effective. Although Daily Pretox will help get a head start on any emergency detoxification regimen, remember it is not a replacement for other detox products. It is an effective compliment to them. Intended for daily use, this product enhances the effectiveness of one of our other great detox products. Also great for those interested in a maintenance detox program or daily cleansing procedures and healthy way of life! 100% natural. Safety and freshness sealed.

Warning: These products are not intended to be used on any lawfully administered drug test and can only be used in accordance with all federal and state laws.
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